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Composite Processing Methods

Bladder Molding - Thermoset

A process where composite materials are consolidated against tooled surfaces using air pressure. This process provides parts with one tooled surface.

Composites Manufacture

Compression Molding - Thermoset

A process where a hollow mold tool is filled with composite materials and compressed to provide detail on all surfaces.

Thermoset Composites

Stamping - Thermoplastic

A process where thermoplastic materials are heated to become malleable, then rapidly stamped into a mold tool. The part quickly cools to retain its molded shape. This process is suitable for high volume low cost parts.

Thermoplastic Composites

Pultrusion - Thermoplastic : A process where thermoplastic composite materials are pulled through heated dies then cooled to manufacture continuous lengths of product.

Composites Manufacturing

Winding - Thermoplastic

Continuous long fiber composite tape is wrapped and simultaneously heated and consolidated to manufacture tubular composite structures. The process can provide high degrees of compressive load in the structure suitable for high internal pressure applications



C2 uses a variety of curing methods to allow the most efficient processing of materials to keep production costs to a minimum. Available options include Press, Liquid Heat Transfer, Immersion Heater, Oven and Autoclave Curing.

Product curing is performed using custom automated control systems to ensure proper processing of materials and repeatable product performance.

Out of Autoclave Composites Out of Autoclave Composites

Material Handling and cutting

In thermoset component manufacture C2 uses pre-impregnated ("Pre-pregs") materials. This is where the resin is impregnated into the composite fibers prior to lay-up and molding. The resin and fibers have very specific and controlled configurations. These materials then have a limited "out life" and must be held in cold storage, prior to use.

For accuracy and consistency all materials are CNC or die cut.

Composite Material Handling Composite Material Handling Composite Material Handling


C2 Composites has CNC Mill, Lathe and Router equipment available onsite for the precision machining and finishing of molded composite components.

Composite Machining Composite Machining Composite Machining


C2 has the capability to paint composite components to meet customer requirements. Two paint booths are available onsite with trained personnel to perform a variety of finishing processes.

Through processes and criteria developed with key suppliers, C2 can also offer plating of composite components to cosmetic standards.

Composite Finishing Composite Finishing